Eight billion steps

On the way to the Unity of Mankind

More than 7.5 billion people live on earth today. In a few years there will be 8 billion. The global problems of the future could best be overcome by a politically united humanity. No other solutions are in sight. Emigration to other planets is not yet possible. This is the symbolic background of the action. The problems are to be discussed and at the same time the best preconditions for solving the problems are to be identified: The unity of humanity. The goal is a world of the greatest possible justice in which wars are a thing of the past.


We have explained the absolute necessity of a politically united humanity in a democratic world union on another website (click picture). Eight billion steps is a long-term global demonstration spread over the Internet at the initiative of the mondialists. Anyone who wants to go part of the way can take part. These can be peace marchers, religious pilgrims, normal hikers or walkers. Of course, those who cannot walk are also welcome, for example disabled people or small children. The paths of wheelchairs and prams count double.


The time, the organisation and the course of the path are determined by each person for himself or with his group. The responsibility for the own action as well as the public relations for it is autonomously incumbent on each individual participant or each participating organization. A combination with similar events such as Earth Day on 22 April, International Day of Peace on 21 September or Human Rights Day on 10 December is desirable.

This website provides information in several languages. In the attached blog, invitations, dates and reports on individual actions are published in the original language. A counter indicates the current status of the steps taken. With an average stride length of 50 cm, 1 km is 2000 strides. If two people start walking together, that is 4000 steps per kilometre. Please indicate in the reports the number of kilometres and the number of participants. We are looking forward to your action and wish all of you, who are present, good weather and a lot of fun.


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